University Of Houston


Environmental Risk Strategies Institute

Environmental Risk Management (ERM) Designation

This unique 5-day concentrated class provides attendees with process information and knowledge to develop Strategic Business Solutions for environmental problems. The Environmental Risk Strategies Institute’s professional curriculum provides education and certification to those which have completed the required course of study and received a passing grade on the national examination.

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Who should earn their ERM designation?

  • Risk Managers
  • Facility/Site Owners
  • M&A/Due Diligence Facilitators
  • Loss Control/Safety Engineers
  • Insurance underwriters/Brokers
  • Insurance Company Product Development Staff
  • Property Managers
  • REIT Consultants
  • Legal Counsel
  • General/Artisan Contractors
  • Architects/Engineers
  • Claims Adjustors
Others who wish to expand their knowledge of the environmental risk industry.


What will I learn?

Attendees leave with practical applications of components necessary for effective environmental Risk management. Candidates can earn their ERM accreditation after attending the 40-hour classroom session and receive a satisfactory score on the national examination after 16 weeks of self-study.

Topics included are:

The integration of skills developed through the Environmental Risk Management Designation is widely recognized as the Environmental Risk Management standard utilized throughout the environmental insurance community.