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"The FMP covers the key components that you need to be successful as facility manager. Without these core competencies, it's very difficult to move on to become a Certified Facility Manager, or even a Sustainabiltiy Facility Professional. The FMP is a great opportunity to open people's minds, and prepare them to move on to something like the SFP and CFM." John Rimer, CFM

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IFMA Program Overview

IFMA’s Facility Management Professional (FMP) program at the University of Houston School of Continuing and Professional Studies can help you improve your knowledge, enhance your skills, and provide everything you need to earn the prestigious FMP credential.

This 8-week professional development program is ideal for:

Not only will you qualify for the FMP credential (upon successful completion of the final FMP assessments), the course materials will serve as an ongoing reference of facility management practices. The course fee includes all course materials and FMP final assessments, but does not cover the FMP application fee.

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