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What is EQi?

What do emotions have to do with the workplace? Everything. The effective workplace is driven by strong relationships that are built on trust and respect. An individual must first be aware of their strengths and opportunities for growth before they can attend to them. Emotional intelligence (EQi) brings that information to the forefront.

Our leadership program emphasizes the role of emotional intelligence, personality and values in workplace integrity. As will be discovered, it is not the large dilemmas with which one struggles; rather, it is the items that are within the “grey matter”, an individual’s dialogue that surrounds the situation and the eventual resulting course of action.


Transformational Tools for Leadership

The University of Houston Transformational Tools for Leadership Program equips students with the knowledge and tools needed to take leadership to the next level. Going beyond basic management training, Transformational Tools for Leadership focuses on four core facets of leadership which are essential in transforming a good leader into a great one – People, Teams, Performance and Transformation. Also, an emotional intelligence (EQi) assessment will reveal your strengths and weaknesses in regards to your awareness of emotions in the workplace.

People Tools

Understanding the people around you is the first step in becoming a transformational leader. In this module, you’ll learn to manage, motivate, attract and retain talent. You’ll also learn key concepts for honing your interpersonal skills and social intelligence, and how to overcome the challenges of managing a team of diverse individuals.

You will:

The Tools of Teamwork

Building an effective, diverse, and motivated team is a skill all great leaders should learn to master. In this module, you’ll learn how to build, manage, and evaluate teams for all types of projects.

You will:

Performance Tools

Performance is the measuring stick effective leaders use to evaluate employees and teams. In this module, you’ll gain insights on how to set goals, motivate employees, and evaluate performance based on measurable outcomes.

You will:

The Tools of Transformation

As a leader, your vision and focus for the future could be the distinguishing factor between you and your colleagues. To become a transformational leader, you’ll need to have a clear path for the future, as well as strategies for adapting to change.

You will: