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I needed a career change, due to the economy and needed fast and thorough training in order to re-enter the job market as soon as possible. After diligent research, I decided to become a paralegal and saw the advertisement for the UH program. When I saw that is was just for three months, I knew this was the program for me. I graduated from the program in November 2009 and was gainfully employed by February of 2010. Sallie Woodell, paralegal graduate

UH Paralegal Program Details

What You’ll Get from the Program

woman looking at the detailsThe University of Houston Paralegal Certificate Program helps you to understand legal terminology, laws, and government. It also focuses on developing investigative and research skills that are so important to a successful career as a paralegal. The program offers hands-on experience with the industry-standard software used in legal research and litigation support.

The Program's format

Our program offers two schedule options, providing the flexibility adult learners need. Both programs cover the same material and meet for about the same number of hours.

10-week course

The nine-week course meets during the weekends from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. allowing you to make a career change without leaving your current jobs.

12-week course

We offer an extended twelve-week course during weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This schedule is perfect for people who need more time to study or who currently hold a part-time job.

Advantages of a Paralegal Certificate from UH

The University of Houston Paralegal Certificate Program demonstrates to employers a commitment to the profession and a mastery of certain skills and knowledge necessary to the field. While a certificate is not a prerequisite to paralegal employment, it will enhance your professional credibility, employment prospects and income potential. In a competitive job market, simply obtaining your formal paralegal certificate may provide you with the opportunities you need to succeed in the paralegal industry. Let the University of Houston Paralegal Program help you enhance your eligibility to obtain the career you want and the income you need!

The curriculum is practical and skills-based, with a vast majority of class time devoted to learning actual procedures and paralegal skills. Once you have completed the certificate course you will receive a certificate with the University of Houston seal and documentation of School of Continuing and Professional Studies Units (CEUs).