University Of Houston

“I think you do a great job in teaching. I would tell everybody to take your class. It is for both begginers and seasoned people.” Houston Exploration Company

University of Houston PLM Overview

The University of Houston now offers an Online Professional Land Management Certificate Program. In six months, you can learn what it means to be a landman and arm yourself with knowledge to build or enhance your career. Our new online course uses weekly one-hour live webinars, assignments, videos, projects, and independent hands-on field trips for a total of twelve hours per module to teach key concepts all landmen need to know.

Today’s Challenge

The growing field of professional land management requires essential knowledge and understanding of many laws impacting land management, such as:

Our Solution

University of Houston's online Professional Land Management Certificate Program offers instruction on topics to help you gain knowledge about the industry from a land perspective.

From the basics of “what is a landman?” to running the chain of title all the way to Joint Operating Agreements and complex arrangements, this unique program approach teaches what you need to know.

The program is designed for Landmen, Lease and Title Analysts, Division Order Analysts, Land Technicians, Attorneys, Landowners, Royalty Owners, or persons seeking entrance to the field of land management.